Price Check

We're happy to generate a customized price quote for a specific item!

As a service to our existing ammo customers, we're willing to check prices across our array of wholesale dealer accounts and provide you with a quote for any non-regulated items. Sometimes we'll be cheaper, sometimes we won't. We still have costs that we'll need to pass along and we don't have the volume discount of the big boys, but we do have access to a number of dealer-only wholesalers. Please do not ask for a quote for anything costing less than $100. Some possible candidate items:
  1. Optics
    1. Red dots
    2. Scopes
    3. Night vision
    4. Lights
  2. Reloading equipment
    1. Presses
    2. Primers (especially 5000 count quantities)

Fill in the information below and we'll get a quote back to you, usually within 24 hours.